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The International Map Collectors Society will celebrate its XXV International Symposium in Guatemala, from February 5 to 7th 2007 and the Francisco Marroquín University will be hosting the event; and the Website of that symposium, with information on the activities is available at

www.imcos.ufm.edufor the interested and map scholars.

The website also has information on Guatemala and on the Francisco Marroquín University; and welcomes the map collectors with a message from the UFMs President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.

«At the UFM we are very proud to host the symposium.  The professors, students and me, are anxious to know and explore ideas with the wide variety of talents, expertise and academic disciplines of the participants», the President expressed.

Jens and Erika Bornholt, organizers of the event, dedicated some welcoming words:  «We are proud that our IMCoS event had inspired the UFM to establish a map division at the library.  As we spread the news of the symposium we get exited to discover many map lovers, many of whom have their own maps and desire to learn more». 

Effectively, this house of studies has a map collection, whose mission is to motivate and facilitate the wider use of the collections that integrate it; and to achieve this we have tools like online catalogs, indexing systems and multimedia presentations.  The map collection looks toward developing active intellectual spaces to the creation of innovative academic projects like children activities or itinerant exhibitions.


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