Individualism in Borges, forum at Sophos

Phillip Hunziker and David Martínez-Amador during the conversation they had on individualism

Individualism in Jorge Luis Borges work, was the theme of the forum organized by the Social Philosophy class and the Henry Hazlitt Center of the Francisco Marroquín University, in collaboration with Sophos Bookstore, last Thursday April 5th, 2006.

The participants were Phillip Hunziker, from the Bookstore and David Martínez-Amador, UFM professor.

During the same one they discussed on individualism, Herbert Spencer´s influence, progress and other related topics related to Borges life and work.

«To understand why a Latin American author can be presented directly as a liberty friend is, likewise, complicated», said Martínez-Amador.  «Thats not the tradition in Latin American experience.  Why did Borges wrote that way?  I think that the Argentine experience at the beginning of the XX Century, the narrative of authors like Sarmiento and Alberdi, from the immigrants that comes down from a boat and makes a better future in an inhospitable land, is also the experience of the gaucho, the adventurer, the free spirited.  Borges takes this historical narrative and makes it part of his work when referring to the streets of Buenos Aires, when he mentions the Argentines founding fathers, the understanding of the past, he sees very clearly that history is made by individual actions and not by collective fictions», he explained.

This is the fourth activity of this nature organized by the Social Philosophy class and the CHH.  The first one was the
 on Ayn Rand´s work, in which the Argentine judge Ricardo Rojas participated; the second one was the
 of Liberalism, by Ludwig von Mises, and the third one was an
 on the importance of Henrick Ibsen’s Dolls House.  These are coordinated bye the members of the UFM´s
Philosophy Seminar.

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