Industrial Psychology trainee concluded

Margarita de Urrea; Yetilú de Baessa, Departments director; Ana Beatríz Rodríguez and Paola Botto

The fourth generation of trainees in Industrial Psychology, from the Department of Psychology of the Francisco Marroquín University, concluded its activities on November 29 2005.

Each one of the participants in this program, that directs Margarita de Urrea, made projects and functions related to the administration of human resources in different organizations.  «They all were congratulated in the companies where they worked and, without exception, they all had an excellent performance», said Urrea.

The participants were Ana Beatriz Rodriguez, in Polytec; Sharon Leal, in the Development Program of the United Nations, Ana Lucia Figueroa, in the news paper Prensa Libre; and Paola Botto, in the Marriott Hotel.  They concluded their fourth year of studies and will initiate the fifth one with another round of practices.

The ceremony was attended by the Psychology Department authorities, representatives of the involved companies and students.  Sharon Leal spoke some words in name of her peers.

The program is a project that promotes and fulfills academic requirements and professional experience that allows the Psychology Department of the University to continue being recognized by their high standards and professionalism.

It is expected that the efforts of the students, of the university and the organizations involved in the professional practice, result in evident benefits for the involved parts.

The practice lasts two semesters, and the trainees must make the first semester in one organization and the second, in another one. Each semester the trainees make 300 hours of practice. The students who participate are in fourth and fifth years of career.

The applicant companies are prequalified based on criteria like the organizations recognition, their trajectory, leadership and prestige.

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