Institute for Justice recognized Ayn Rand’s intellectual contribution

The article was published in  Liberty & Law

«Wisdom of our Founding Fathers resides in the heart of the work done at the IJ.  However, the observations of three great intellectuals of the 20th Century Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand, also provide constant inspiration», says the article by Chip Mellor titled Thinkers of Freedom and the IJ: Rands Free Minds and Free Markets Conviction.

«There should be no surprise that, not being an
Objectivist organization, Rand has a big influence in the
Institute for Justice«, said Mellor, while explaining that the influence has been in many ways.

«When we found the IJ we announced that our approach to legislation of public interest would be based on a long term strategy that was philosophical and tactically consistent.  I had read Rand in college and, among other things I was impressed with her discussion on why philosophy should be everyones interest.  So when we found the Institute for Justice, the idea of basing our work on a solid philosophy was a natural consequence of that encounter with Rand, Mellor, President of the Institute», he explains.

Through strategic litigations, communication training and strategy, the Institute for Justice contributes to the advance of the state of law, in which individuals can control their destiny as free and responsible members of society.

The IJ publishes Liberty & Law, and in its July 2006 edition Mellors article, cited in this note, was published.




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