International Trade Competition, at the UFM

Partial view of the competition, during the first round

The team from the Francisco Marroquín University´s School of Law, from Guatemala and the Javerian University from Colombia, were the first to compete in the ELSA Moot Court Competition on World Trade Law, regional rounds that are celebrated at the UFM.

The judges, in the first round, were the lawyers Renata Avila, Marcos Ibárgüen and Julio Vielmann.

Jose Fernando Plata, Felipe Serrano and Rafael Rincón, integrated Colombia´s team, whereas Debora Ponce, José Sagastume Vidaurre and Stephanie Koon, integrated the Guatemalan team. Paula Pando and Diego Alejos controled the timing.

The judges, in the second round, were the lawyers Ada Redondo, Alfredo Rodríguez, Vivian Morales and Hugo Alsina.

Diego Vasconcelos, Lucas Lima and Felipe Boupinha, integrated the Brazilian team, from the Minas Gerais Federal University; whereas Luis Costa, Manuel Sánchez, Gabriela Moya and Enrique Orellana, integrated Mexico´s team, from the Autonomus Technological Institute of Mexico.

During the rounds, lawyer Ieva Zebryte, of Lithuania, acted as ELSA´s verifyer.

ELSA  Moot Court Competition on World Trade Law is organized by the European Law Students Association (ELSA) and the Latin American Council of International Compared Law Students (COLADIC), with technical support from the World Trade Organization. The same one is celebrated from March 7th till the 10th of 2006, at the Frédéric Bastiat courtroom, at this house of studies.

The participants in this competition are Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala; and the winning team of Latin America will have the opportunity to travel to Geneva to compete with other countries of the world.  UFM student teams have participated in international law competitions in cities like Washington D.C and Vienna. In San José of Costa Rica, they got the first place of the competition and brought a trophy home.

On Monday March 6, the participants took part in a ropes dinamics givven by the UFM´s Excellence Center, so they would know each other and have fun before the competition.

Photos of the two first rounds,
Photos of the ropes dinamics at the Excellence Center,




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