Invitation for Quest for the Best

This opportunity is for students from all careers.

Thirty of the best Central American students will gather during the 2006 edition of the Seminar Quest for the Bestorganized by Procter & Gamble, and the students from the Francisco Marroquín University have been invited to participate.

Christian Fischer, Gabriella Valladares and Rafael Luján, alumni of the UFM’s Economic Sciences School that work at Procter & Gamble, visited the University to invite students from all the schools to fill in the applications and participate in the Seminar.

Claudia Ocaña, from the FCE Placement Office, informed that «in previous years members of the Economic Sciences School have been selected.  Such is the case of Fischer who, after the seminar, was hired by P&G».

Quest for the Bestwill be held at Guatemala City from Tuesday 26th to Friday 28th in July 2006; and to participate, besides filling in the application, you need to have two years of college on any career and leadership skills.





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