Is Socialism dead?

Julio César De León Barbero during the seminar.

The seminar titled Socialism: economic and sociologic analysis, given by Julio César De León Barbero, at the Francisco Marroquín University, started last June 12th 2006, and will end on July 7th 2006.

Those who participate in the activity are looking forward to answer questions like, is socialism dead? What is it, really? What forms has it adopted? What makes it attractive? And, why is it so popular? The seminar is held as an opened discussion, as a Socratic dialogue.

Few know, for example, that socialism was imported from the United States to Europe by Friedrich Engels.

The seminar is directed by Julio César De León Barbero, PhD in Philosophy and licentiate in Theology.  He teaches Philosophy, Logic, Knowledge and Sociology Theories.  He has written several articles and essays, such as La libertad: base y fundamento de la historia  and El hombre, un ente histórico cultural.

The assistant professor is writer Marta Yolanda Díaz-Durán, host of the radio show Todo a pulmón  and journalist for Siglo Veintiuno.

Different professionals and summer students participate in the seminar.  They are reading the book Socialism, by Ludwig von Mises; the inscription is still oppended, for more information contact us at





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