Joseph Penn will teach at the UFM

Joseph Penn, at the UFM, during his visit in 2005

To teach the presential part of the Forensic Psychiatry module, of the Forensic Science course that students from the Law School at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, psychiatrist Joseph Penn, who is the Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, at the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the Brown University School of Medicine in Rhode Island, will visit this house of studies from September 24th to the 28th of 2007.

«The course syllabus is appropriate and very useful to students, especially for those interested in the areas realted to Forensic Sciences, who during the exersise of their profession will require scientific knowledge and scientific research methods, as well as legal and scientific terms used in this field», explained Regina de Sánchez, coordinator of the Forensic Science course at the UFM’s School of Law.

«The Forensic Science course has been well accepted by students, it is designed to provide students deep scientific knowledge applied to penal justice, of special interest for those students who seek to be Fiscals at the Public Ministery, Defendant Attorneys or to develop in the Public Administration of some of the State’s research dependencies, which represents a great comparative advantage from other Law professionals who don’t have this scientific vision», she added.

The course has presential parts, with 
eLearning discussion and technological forums through the course website. With its inclusion in the pensum, we seek to keep it current and competitively, to maximize students knowledge with visiting professors who are experts in those subjects and to strengthen the penal area, explained Dean Milton Estuardo Argueta.

The course had outstanding experts such as Kevin McMunigal, Phillip Merideth, Gary Rini and others.  Penn already lectured this module in October 2005.

Penn got his M.D. at the University of Texas Medical Branco, in Galveston.  His B.S. was Summa Cum Laude, at the University of the Incarnate Word, in San Antonio, Texas. He has a post degree training in general psychiatry, children and adolescent psychiatry, both at Brown University; and in forensic psychiatry in Yale University.


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