Journalism at the UFM

We are looking for professionals capable of understanding, analyzing, generating and communicating ideas, besides creating discussion spaces

If you are motivated and competitive, if you are curious, entrepreneur and have initiative and, if more than dogmas you are interested in seeking the truth, you can participate -studying and practicing journalism- aspiring for a society where free market economics and rule of law assure equality before the law for all, respect to people’s life and freedom.   A society that allows pacific cooperation and voluntary interchange of goods, services, ideas and feelings.

The new Journalism Licentiate of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, seeks excellent students so they, through deep knowledge of the situation and its context, make a difference in journalism.  The career is based in a specialized pensum on electronic media, Law, Politics, Economy and International Relations.

In what can you work?

Mass media businessman.Director of mass media. Editor or producer of written media, or electronic media (newspaper, magazines, television, radio, internet).Reporter and professional journalist.Media analyst, communications director, in corporations, private organizations, public sector, international organizations and others.Analyst specialized in information media (economics, justice and security, environment and society, and public relations).Opinion columnist.Correspondent of international agencies or international communication media.More information on the journalism career is available
[ here]. 

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With 33 years of experience forming respected and appreciated professionals in the market, the UFM alumni have, as their competitive advantage, their ability to analyze the market phenomena.  Their formation allows them to act with freedom, being responsible and taking accurate, opportune and ethical decisions.  The UFM’s mission is to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

Besides a dynamic and practical instruction on modern journalism techniques, the students will receive a solid formation on Philosophy, Economy, Law, History and Ethics, in the frame of
excellence that characterizes the UFM; and its Institute of Political Studies and International Relations where the Journalism career is imparted.





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