Juan José Ramírez: keeping the freedom flame alive

Juan José Ramírez, at Rosario, Argentina during the Austrian Scholars symposium

«I never imagined that during 2006 my intellectual restlessness would take me to cross the American continent almost from end to end», said Juan José Ramirez, professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, when telling the academic activities in which he participated during this year.

«The odyssey began with the international conference Acton University sponsored by the
Acton Institute that was held at Grand Rapids, Michigan, from June 13 to the 16th.  One week later the Social Change Workshop sponsored by the
Institute Humane Studies in Stanford University, took place from June 24th to the 30th.  The following month I went to the Austrian Economics Seminar from the
Foundation for Economic Education that took place at the Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, from July 24th to the 29th», he said.  

«The finishing touch, was the opportunity to attend like a lecturer to the symposium The Austrian School of Economy in the 21st Century sponsored by the
Fundación Bases and the
Hayek Foundation; that took place from September 28th to the 30th in Ciudad del Rosario, Argentina», Ramirez said.

«At the UFM those who have philosophical, economic, psychological, political and sociological restlessness, can find academic opportunities to give form to those small doubts that make us investigate more and more on who we are and how we behave in society, as well as the variety of human phenomena that give meaning and make meaningful the academic life», he commented.

«Freedom, perhaps, is an odyssey that takes us a little beyond the narrow continental limits.  My most extensive gratefulness to the University, my professors and our students for facilitating this type of restlessness and intellectual renovation in professionals like this psychologist», Juan José Ramirez concluded.

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