Julio H. Cole gave lectures at APEE

Julio H. Cole at the UFM’s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium

The Early Friedman was title of one of the presentations that Professor Julio H. Cole, from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, made during the Annual Conference of the Association for Private Economic Education that was celebrated in Cancún, Mexico, from April 8th to the 10th of 2007.

The other presentation was the summary of an article that Doctor Julio H. Cole published in
Econjournalwatch.com, with the collaboration of Robert A. Lawson.

The first presentation was based on an article that he wrote to honor the memory of the economist Milton Friedman, who recently passed away, and will be published in the next number of the journal
Independent Review. In his presentation for APEE, Cole concentrated in the first years of the professional life of Friedman, before he was known world-wide. «In a certain way», Cole said, «you could say that in my lecture I spoke about the life of Friedman, before he was Milton Friedman».

His second communication was about methodology that appears in studies that use the economic freedom index as an explanatory variable in econometric models.

Doctor Julio H. Cole is professor at the Economic Sciences School of Universidad Francisco Marroquín; and publisher of the Laissez Faire journal, of that academic unit. Doctor Robert A. Lawson is professor of Economy and George H. Moore Chair in the School of Businesses at Capital University.





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