Karen Cancinos will give a lecture at the CCPP Congress

Karen Cancinos teaches Rhetoric of the Austrian School and is a jounalist

Journalism and scientists of communication as by-products of the classical liberal tradition, is the title of the lecture that professor Karen Cancinos will present at the III Central American Congress of Political Sciences that will be celebrated in Universidad José Simeón Cañas, of El Salvador.

Cancinos exposition is based on a text for which the author received the Charles A. Stillman Award in 2006; and the subject of the Seminar is Rethinking politics, challenges for the democratization of Central America.  The subject of Cancinos will be presented within the axis Communication and political culture.

Karen Cancinos teaches Rhetoric of the Austrian School at the Henry Hazlitt Center and is member of the UFM’s Philosophy Seminar; she also is a journalist of the news paper Siglo Veintiuno and publisher of the magazine Apuntes de economía y política, of the Centro de Análisis de las Decisiones Públicas.

The Congress of Political Sciences will be celebrated from July 18 to the 20th, at the UCA.



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