»La salida», was presented by EPRI

José José Luis Tapia Rocha while one went to the public in the Student Center of the UFM.

José Luis Tapia Rocha, collaborator of Alberto Mansueti in the book La Salida, o la solución a los problemas económicos y políticos del Perú (the Exit, or the solution to the economic and political problems of Peru), presented the work in the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of the University Francisco Marroquín, Monday 25 of 2005 July.

The book, with prologue by Alvaro Vargas Llosa, was published by the Institute of Free Company in 2004. The
ILE is an association dedicated to the diffusion and defense of the free enterprise through the analysis of public policies and of the organization of educative and enterprise events.

Although the book talks about Peru, also is applied to other countries of Latin America said to Pedro Trujillo, director of the EPRI, when doing the presentation of Tapia and its work.

Vargas Llosa explains, in the prologue, that «the exit is not by the airport» talking about to the migration of Peruvian; «but that by one more a route transgressor. One is not a revolution of a  liberal return that puts of head all the assumptions on which the system is constructed that prevails that it chokes to the Peruvians. He proposes to empower to all the citizens, today victimas of despoliation, at deprived hands of the State and their satellites, of those rights that, restituted their proprietors, will be our letter of triumph». 

«the diagnosis is suggestive. The economy has been tasajeada in something as well as three segments: the unreliable one that enjoys freedom because it eludes the rules, but lacks capital because the cost of acceding to it is privative; the formal one, that yes has capital but nonfreedom because it is put under the rules; and the state one, the only one that enjoys, thanks to the taxes and the monopoly of the force, as much of freedom as of capital, having undressed of both to those who form the private economy. The result is impoverishment general». 

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