Law students celebrated Rome’s foundation

The roman gods were present

With a trip through time the students of Roman Law of Universidad Francisco Marroquín celebrated the MMDCCLX years of Rome’s foundation.

The students of Maria Luisa de Padilla in the course at the School of Law of this house of studies, organized the celebration last April 27 of 2006 in Students Center at the UFM Campus.

The cultural sample included live stamps about the myth of Romulus and Remus, the foundation of the City, the Forum, mythology, families, the Senate, the Law of Twelve Tables, gladiators, the army and a Roman banquet.

The celebration was attended by the School’s Dean, Milton Estuardo Argueta, members of the School’s Board, Faculty, students and guests. 

All the representations were made by the students who dressed with costumes that evoked old Rome.

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