Liberal ethics, topic at Sokratic Kaffee

Partial view of the participants in the Sokratic Kaffee
Fotos por Pamela Toledo

Liberal ethics was the topic discussed by a group of professors and students of the Francisco Marroquín University last August 17th 2006 at a Sokratic Kaffee.

In other occasions, during the Sokratic Kaffes they have discussed themes as the walls and its differences; this is the third meeting of this nature.

The Sokratic Kaffees are a project of the UFM’s David Hume Ethics Center, accompanied with coffee at the Künstler Kaffee at this house of studies.  The Künstler Kaffee is located on the first floor of the Ludwig von Mises Library and is surrounded by gardens.

The activities of the David Hume Ethics Center are possible thanks to a donation by Ph.D. Ray Dawson, ex professor at the Columbia University and friend of this house of studies.

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