Liberal temper, welcoming theme at the UFM´s inaugural lesson

Roberto Salinas León, mientras se dirigía al público en el jardín central de la UFM

The importance of developing a liberal culture of dialogue and tolerance, in recognition to the limits of  knowledge in pursuit of the truth,  was explained by Roberto Salinas León during the inaugural lesson of the Francisco Marroquín University, celebrated on January 18th, 2006.

The title of the lesson was The liberal temperament: the limits of knowledge in a culture of freedom. The video of the inaugural lesson can be seen

Salinas is one of the most powerful and effective speakers of the philosophy of freedom in the world.  During his stay at the UFM he participated in the presentation of the David Hume Ethics Center, of this house of studies and in the colloquy titled The money and the financial institutions,  organized by the Liberty Fund and this University.

He was director of public choice analysis in TV Azteca, Mexico; and he is an attached investigator of the Cato Institute, in Washington D.C.  He is an expert in latin america, economic development, political and monetary exchange, international trade and property rights.  At the moment he is President of the
Mexico Business Forum.

During the act, the welcome words were in charge of the UFM´s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. who remembered that the UFM will fulfill 35 years on August 12, 2006; and that the UFM´s mission is the education and diffusion of the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

Before concluding the act the attendants intoned the UFM´s

While he was in the UFM, Salinas participated in conferences and colloquies for students and professors of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Henry Hazlitt Center.  Also he was interviewed by Lorena Alvarez, from the Newspaper
El Periódicoand participated in radio the programs Todo a pulmón  and Millenium 3.

Photos of the inaugural lesson,
here. (Photos by Ana Lucia Ortiz)

Photos of the other activities of Salinas,





Epidendrum ciliare adornan el campus


Consecuencias no intencionadas del estatismo, en Xela


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