Lilian Yon, at FAES reunion

Lilian Yon and José María Aznar at FAES

Lilian Yon, member of the UFM’s Philosophy Seminar and alumni of this house of studies, participated in the Iberoamerican Visitors Program of the Foundation for the Analysis and Social Studies.

Fifty persons from 19 Iberoamerican countries formed the group that participated in the 2006 edition celebrated in Madrid, Salamanca, Valladolid and Brussels.

The FAS president, José María Aznar, and Enrique Iglesias, general secretary of  Iberoamerican Events, closed the latest edition of the Iberoamerican Visitors Program in which the participants learned the different facets of political relations models and the Spanish economic growth of the last years.

The participants profile was marked by their youth (25-24 years old), their solid academic formation and, above all, their interest in everything related with politics and public institutions.  The participant election was made through a proposal made by thirty Iberoamerican political institutes.

«The FAES Foundation has, as one of its main principles, that Iberoamerica is a substantial part of the West.  And West is not only a geographical concept, it is the free world, the world based on the concept of human beings with inalienable rights, freedom and responsibilities; the world that is based on democracy, the Rule of Law, Human Rights and free market economics», said Aznar.

During the encounter, Yon met characters like José María Aznar, ex-president of the Spanish Government and president of FARS; and the writer and UFM friend, Carlos Alberto Montaner.





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