Ludwig von Mises Library celebrated Darwin´s Day

The images were proyected in the lobby at the UFM library.

With an exhibition of images and quotes by Charles Darwin, on the selection of mates, the Ludwig von Mises Library of Universidad Francisco Marroquín celebrated one more anniversary of Charles Darwins birthday on February 12 of 2007.  The exhibition was extended until San Valentines Day.

The celebration, in honor of the author of On the Origin of Species, looks forward to express gratitude to the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge – acquired through curiosity and human genius- has brought to the advance of humanity.  The objective of the celebration is to motivate, anywhere in the world, the celebration of science and the humanity.

At the UFM the Day of Darwin has been celebrated with the projection and discussion of the film the dangerous idea of Darwin; with a conference on the great evolutionary events in the history of Earth; and the one titled the evolution of evolution

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