Maintenance personel awarded at the UFM

Members of the maintenance team during the ceremony

An award ceremony for good performance and disposition at work, was held on December 16, 2005 at the Francisco Marroquín University.  The awards were for the maintenance personnel who obtained the best grades during the year.

The maintenance personnel also chose the peer of the year, who reunites characteristics like integrity, collaboration and example towards everyone else.  The chosen one was Jose Luis Chalí.

«This activity is made the last working day of december, when the qualification is closed and the prizes are given like recognition to the work made with excellence within this house of studies», Luz María de Cevasco, explained.

«The UFM recognizes the effort and the work of this team, made up of 43 people who, with their hard work, keep the campus facilities in optimal conditions and, with their servicing attitude, are a fundamental pillar in the development of the activities that are carried out every day», she added.

During the award ceremony it was also recognized the collaborators who finished their studies and graduated from High School. This tribute was granted by the effort made, not concerning the obstacles, which allowed them to achieve their goal that, without a doubt, will open doors in the future.

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