Manuel F. Ayau will speak about Social Responsibility

Manuel F. Ayau adressing a group of students at the UFM

«The social responsibility of a corporation in an economy of free persons is to obtain benefits for its owners, to do so they have to compete with others in order to benefit with their products and services the other members of society», explained Manuel F. Ayau, President emeritus of the Francisco Marroquín University, in an article he wrote for the online newspaper Libertad Digital, last May 25th 2006.

That will be that topic Doctor Ayau will discuss with David Ricardo Cristiani, from the Rafael Landívar University on Thursday June 8th 2006 during the forum:  Corporate Social Responsibility versus The States responsibility in the new millennium  that will be held at the lobby of the URL’s O Building.  The entrance is free.

The forum was organized by the Social and Economic Research Institute and the Entrepreneurial and Economic Sciences School of the Rafael Landívar University, and is part of the Konrad Adenauer Permanent Seminar, where outstanding professionals gather to discuss topics of national interest.

Interested in the underdevelopment causes, Manuel F. Ayau started to study Economy and Law.  In 1957 he founded the Social Economic Studies Center.  He founded the Francisco Marroquín University and was its President from 1972 to 1988.  He has participated in the international academic world as a member and director of the Mont Pelerin Society, which he presided from 1978-80; fiduciary of the Foundation for Economic Education and director of the Liberty Fund since 1978.  He is author of many books and articles published in national and international newspapers and magazines.  His most recent book is Un juego que no suma cero.

David Ricardo Cristiani is an analyst and consultant of the Social Studies Research Association, licentiate degree in Economics from the Rafael Landívar University, he has a degree in Advance Management from the INCAE and an academic certificate in International Commerce Negotiations by the Georgetown University.

The moderator will be doctor Francisco Sandoval, director of thesis at the URL’s Entrepreneurial and Economic Sciences School.




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