María Luisa de Padilla got a PhD

María Luisa de Padilla during a UFM´s colloqy 

After the defense of her doctoral thesis titled The Rule of Law and Rule by Law, Maria Luisa Beltranena de Padilla obtained the title of Doctor in Law, at the University Francisco Marroquín.

The examiners were the doctors Julio Caesar De León Barbero, Maria Eugenia de Massis and Víctor Rivera; and doctor Luis Beltranena Valladares participated as an observer.

De Padilla is a full time professor in the UFM´s Law School; she teaches a masters degree in  Social Sciences and is the chief of the Private Law area in this house of studies.

She has been professor of Civil Law, Private Law, Law´s History, Juridical Methods and Juridical Deonthology.  Her degree thesis was on tributary crime and she is author of the book Lessons on Civil Law.  At the Rafael Landívar University she was vicedirector and dean of their Law School.

In the public life, Mau, as she is known affectionately, was Minister of Education, Magistrada of the Justice Supreme Court and Magistrada of the Electoral Supreme Court.





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