Meeting to prepare Perspectives, at the UFM

Partial view of the participants in the preparatory meeting of Perspectives.

Representatives of four universities and the newspaper Prensa Libre, that work in the organization of the Forum Perspectives, met at Universidad Francisco Marroquín to prepare the first forum of 2007, on security and justice, that will be celebrated within the framework of the electoral process.

The Perspectives forums are organized by the universities Francisco Marroquín, Mariano Gálvez, Rafael Landívar and San Carlos de Guatemala, and the newspaper Prensa Libre. It is part of a series of forums that, throughout the year, analyze subjects of Guatemala’s present time.

This year the forums will be related to the analysis of the agenda of public policies raised for the upcoming elections.  The first forum will be related with citizen restlessness on security and justice.  The participants will be Carmen Rosa De León, Iduvina Hernández and Claudia Paz and Paz, with the moderation of Pedro Trujillo, director of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, of the UFM.

The preparatory meeting, that was celebrated last February 1st of 2007, was attended by Jorge Solares, representative of Universidad de San Carlos; Claudia López, from Universidad Rafael Landívar; Leopoldo Colom, from Universidad Mariano Gálvez; Luis Figueroa, from the UFM; and the representatives of Prensa Libre, Ofelia Aguilar and Haroldo Shetemul.   The panelist Iduvina Hernandez and the moderator, Pedro Trujillo, also attended the meeting.

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