Michelle Carrera, at FEE

Michelle Carrera, from the UFM, with Richard Ebeling, FEE president

Michelle Carrera, Second year student of the School of Law of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, participated in the seminary Austrian Economics and Prospects for the 21st Century, celebrated at the Foundation for Economic Education.

«I was at the 
FEE during seven days where I participated in five daily conferences dictated by Austrian School experts. What impressed me most was to receive classes with Israel Kirzner, who studied with Ludwig Von Mises. I also received classes with Peter Boetke, one of the authors of the book we used in the class of Economic Process called The Economic Way of Thinking. I shared my classes with people from distant places such as Rumania and Armenia», explained Carrera.

«I began to get interested in Austrian Economy since my second year when I took the class Rhetoric of the Austrian School with Alberto Benegas-Lynch (jr.); and I’ve kept my interest, I bought some books and continued learning on the subject. At the FEE, many people commented that they had heard about the UFM, and they told me that it is an extremely prestigious university, not only in the libertarian world, but at world-wide level. The basic knowledge I had on law and economic principles undoubtedly helped me to participate in the discussions that were celebrated at the end of the conferences. Now, I have learned that libertarian economic principles have incidences in all aspects of human life», she added.

«Additionally the FEE campus is located in Westchester, New York and its gorgeous! It is surrounded by vegetation, you could see deer and rabbits in the gardens.  I really appreciate the opportunity of this experience», concluded Michelle Carrera, who also visited the city of New York.

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