Money and Banking, discussed at Exploring Freedom

The participant, during a break

Money and banking were the subjects of the sixteenth colloquy of the series Exploring Freedom celebrated at the  Francisco Marroquín University, from Thursday 19 untill Saturday 21st, January 2006.

The discussions were about the Metaphysical and epistemologic analysis of money; the relations between  money and ethics and the money and politics; the free banking and central banks; the competition between currencies; and the future of money.

The participants in the colloquy were Dora Ampuero and Carlos Molina, from Ecuador; Jorge Astete and Carlos Gamarra, from Peru, Alvaro Bardón, from Chile, Adrian Brenes and José Fernandez, from Costa Rica; Belén Pagone, Eduardo Stordeur, Juan Carlos Cachanosky and Eduardo Marty, from Argentina; Jaime García, from the United States de América;  Eduardo Téllez, from El Salvador; as well as Julio Cole and Carlos González-Campo, from Guatemala.

Manuel F. Ayau, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. and Carol Morgan acted as observers; and Roberto Salinas León, president of the Mexico Business Forum, directed de discussions.

The series Exploraing Freedom  are an integral part of a program from the Rectoría that includes socrátic dialogues, colloquies with school directors and the series of Freedom Colloquies.  This series is directed by Lucy Martinez-Mont.

On Friday 20th, some participants went on a tour at the UFM´s campus.

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