Moral and free society at Exploring Freedom

The participants at the UFM’s Liberty Plaza 

The Moral Foundations of a Free Society was the theme of the XX colloquy Exploring Freedom, organized conjointly by the Francisco Marroquín University and the Liberty Fund.  It was celebrated from July 27th to 30th 2006.

During the colloquy they also discussed about social cooperation, markets morality, freedom and development, property and civil society, liberty and intellectuals.  The texts discussed were by Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Lord Acton, Henry Hazlitt, Peter Berger, Tom Betherll, Terry Anderson, Douglas Leal, Friedrich A. Hayek and Robert Nozick.

The participants were José Gerardo Andrade, from Ecuador; Humberto Belli, from Nicaragua; Marco Antonio del Río, from Bolivia; Laura Escalante, José Joaquín Fernández and  Marielos Madrigal, from Costa Rica;  Leonor Filardo, from Colombia; Paul Laurent, from Perú; Iván Osorio and Pedro Romero, from the USA; Carolina Soto, from Venezuela, Daniel Pereyra and Enrique Peruzzoti, from Argentina;  Rigoberto Juárez-Paz and Luis Figueroa, from the Francisco Marroquín University.  The discussions were lead by Wenceslao Gimenez-Bonet, from UFM.  The observers were Manuel F. Ayau, Julio H. Cole and Ramón Parellada, from the UFM and Patrick Lynch, from the Liberty Fund.

The series
, conducted by Lucy Martínez-Mont, is part of the UFM’s President’s office, conjointly with the
Liberty Fund, that promotes the Socratic dialogues and ideas interchange in a free environment.

On Friday 28th, some participants made a visit to the UFM campus where they toured through the Popol Vuh Museum, the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing; the Library Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and the work done by the New Media Digital Resources Center.

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