More and better information, the UFM´s challenge

Belina Boon during one of her presentations at the UFM.

In this era of information overload, we must learn to find, not only more, but better information.  To do this the Francisco Marroquín University has the aid of the Information Center personnel at the Ludwig von Mises Library.  «Our task is not to give the information to the students, but to teach them how to find it, evaluate it and use it by themselves.  These are the most useful skills they will learn and, in the long run, they will continue using them every day in their professional lives,» said Dulce Franco, coordinator of the Information Center.

For that reason from February 16th to the 19th of 2006, the Ludwig von Mises Library received the visit of
Belinda Boon, a specialized librarian in patron services.  She has a masters in Library Sciences and years of experience in continuous education for information services.  In addition, she is finishing a doctorate degree in these subjects.   Belinda Boon presented a workshop on bibliographical instruction techniques and patron services, which all the members of the Information Center attended.  She also participated reviewing the reference policies and procedures, leaving her suggestions to improve the physical organization and the training programs of the Center and lectured two introductory sessions to UFM´s professors.

Belinda Boon emphasized the importance of approaching all the students and university professors, so that they take advantage of the library resources that the UFM offers, specially by means of workshops in the use of data bases that focus on specialized research subjects.  «Dulce and all her team occupy a special place in my heart. How lucky you are to work in such a beautifull place, surrounded by so many smart people!»  Boon said, when leaving.

The Information Center continues offering workshops in library and digital resources uses.  For more information, contact the library´s Information Center at,, in (+502)2338-7823,   or in person, at the library´s first floor.

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