Multiple activities at the IK Center

Megan Montague, from San Francisco State University with David Amador, director of the UFM’s IK Center

Megan Montague, student of a Masters degree in Political Sciences at the San Francisco State University visited Universidad Francisco Marroquin and met David Amador, Director of the UFM’s Ibn Khaldun International Research Center.

«Montague is writing hes thesis on the problems of Guatemalas judicial system and the necessary reforms. The thesis has an innovative structure because it begins with a cultural-evolutionist proposal, in which, juridical institutions are recognized from the historical practices in towns. With these methodologic point of view, it was proper to suggest the reading of authors like Ralph Linton, Friedrich A. Hayek and Bruno Leoni.  The thesis project will continue during the rest of the second semester of 2007», professor Amador informed. 

In other activities, the IK Center, through its director, David Amador, lectured a seminar titled  Analysis and reforms to the Law of Political Parties of Guatemala to students from the UFM’s School of Law. This seminar lasted a week and analized the political comparative problems in the current electoral legislation. At the end of the seminar students proposed a series of liberal reforms to that legislation.  This work will be published in the Digital Magazine of Latin American Politics of the Hayek Foundation in Argentina and the IK Center; it was also sent to the Electoral Supreme Court», Amador said. 

Last, but not least, on August 24th the seminar titled Principles of electoral observation for social communicators was imparted. It was directed to journalists from the T.V. news crew in Guatevisión and members of Alius radio.

«During this seminar the challenges of the democratic process, the mechanisms of political communication, alliances between media and political parties and the challenges of liberal communication were discussed.  However, the most important element that should be understood is that masive media communication is not a pasive media.  Besides communicating and informing, the media creates the political reality they interpret», the director of the IK Center said.




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