Nesting bird’s season at the UFM campus

One of the pigeons receiving food from one of its progenitors

May is the month of bird nests at the Francisco Marroquín University campus; the one in the picture is at the Student´s Center Building.  It is one of the many nests at buildings and trees of the University campus.

The preservation of the forest and its habitants has been a priority since the land was bought by the UFM authorities.  A proof of that can be observed in the architectural design of the University buildings.

The UFM campus has remains of a Montano forest, primarily dominated by encines.  These patches of forest in the city deserve our attention and conservation due to their importance for the protection of flora and fauna species that are being threatened by the demographic explosion of the mountains in Guatemala, including the metropolis of the central valley.

It is part of the UFM’s philosophy that, in a society of free and responsible persons, the environment conservation is attained more efficiently when individuals protect what is important to them.  That’s why the environment quality is not a matter of laws and regulations.  On the contrary is a matter of managing resources based on property rights and willful activities.

Montanous forests occupy a small portion in the neotropic and are important since they are the habitat for many genetically diverse forest, ornamental, medicinal and food plants.  Also, there are many endemic species, that is, species particular to a specific region.

In these forests we can find wood plants distributed in the tropics at latitudes between 22ºN and 28 ºS, between altitudes of 800 and 2500 masl in latitudes near the equator.  These areas have a high floral diversity and are the limit between north and south of many template species such as Pinus, Carpinus, Liquidambar, Quercus, Margnolia  and Ostrya.

Every year, in different months, the UFM campus is filled with nesting birds, orchids, fungus and other species that attract the attention of those who study and work here.

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