New dates for aptitude tests at the UFM

Partial view of the students that made aptitude tests at the UFM.

Friday 27th and Saturday 28 of July 2007 are the new dates to take aptitude tests at Universidad Francisco Marroquín; the Admission process can be consulted


Meanwhile, the third and fourth dates of aptitude tests, in Universidad Francisco Marroquín, were celebrated last June 28 and 29 where youngsters from different educative establishments attended.

Those students that are planning to take the test in the next dates must consider that to participate in one of the mentioned dates you must register, on line, at least 8 days before the chosen day to take the tests.

UFM offers careers in the areas of architecture, economic sciences, law, social sciences, education, political studies, medicine, businesses, nutrition, dentistry, journalism and psychology.

This house of studies has a commitment with academic excellence, which is defined as «the quality of ideas, principles and performance of those who, as professors or students, are habitually located over the simple material and routine fulfillment of their duties, constituting before all a live example of coherent life». Excellence understood this way «is only possible in a frame of freedom, competition and respect».

The mission of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, stated in its extensive form in the idearium, is «to teach and disseminate the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons».

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