New Media at a distance learning congress

Rebeca Zúñiga during her presentation at the UNED congress

Rebeca Zúñiga, director of the New Media Digital Resources Center of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, presented the study titled Rich Media in remote education: five years of experience at the UFM, during XIII the Congress of distance learning organized by the State University of Costa Rica that was carried out from November 1st-3rd of 2006 in San José under the subject: Distance learning challenging the democratization of knowledge.  

This congress is held every two years and, in this occasion, it had the participation of 300 educational and academic universities and distance learning institutes from Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica and Guatemala.
UFMs New Media was the only participant from Guatemala, with the work titled Rich Media in the remote education: five years of experience at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, prepared by Grete Pasch, Dulce Franco and Rebeca Zuñiga and accepted by the panel of reviewers.  

The presentation was in made by Rebeca Zuñiga, director of UFM´s New Media, who focused in describing the work that has been done at the New Media department for the last 5 years, that includes the production of streaming and indexed videos, as well as on line courses and other services.

Zúñiga emphasized the use of rich media, the statistics of visitors, number of published videos, and reasons for which the users visit to us.   Finally, she described the new challenges to spread to more people the ideas of freedom through the videos posted in the New Media website.  The presentation was described as excellent by the participants, and it gave rise to commentaries like the following ones:

This should be replicated in the entire UNEDCongratulations, Guatemala! Very good conference, excellent lecturer and excellent handling of the subject, thanks. Congratulations, I consider that this is on line education; excellent originality, audio-visual support and content quality. My most sincere congratulation to the contributions that you are developing. The mission of the New Media Digital Resource Center is to support the university professors, investigators and UFM students in the use, creation and administration of digital resources that complement and document their academic work.  They do this through the adaptation of technologies that allow the digitalization of documents, images, audio and video; the use of Internet like interaction means; and the adaptation of complete courses or modules that can be offered at a distance.

The Center also facilitates the creation and the use of an archive of educative materials for the UFM, including courses, works and high quality projects prepared by University students and presentations offered by invited lecturers and professors.

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