Orbaugh and Figueroa at Objectivist Seminar

Warren Orbaugh, María Marty, Eduardo Marty and Luis Figueroa at the Disney Concert Hall

Math, psychology, history, philosophy, music and poetry were some of the big themes discussed during The Objectivist Center’s Summer Seminar to which Warren Orbaugh and Luis Figueroa attended from July 1st to 7th, 2006 at the Chapman University.

Professors like David Kelley, Tibor Machan, Nathaniel Branden, Marty Lewinter, Jay Friedenberg and Ed Hudgins offered conferences like Atlas Shrugged as a Philosophical Novel; Wittengstein´s Naturalistic Ethics?; The Implications of Love; The Beauty and Cleverness of Mathematics, An Introduction to Cognitive Science; and Individualism and Community, respectively.

The seminar concluded with an artistic component like Vox Americana: More of the Best by Berton Braley, by Linda Tania Abrams; The Life and Music of Modest Mussorgsky, by Michael Shapiro; Romantic and Jazz Music: Performance and Commentary, by Roger Bissell and Ben Di Tossi; and an interpretation of Anthem, by Duncan Scott and friends.

An important part of the seminar was the participation of Howard and Karen Baldwin and John Aglaglioro, who have started an adventure of producing the movie Atlas Shrugged, project that will be available at the end of 2007 or beginnings of 2008.

The goal of the
Objectivist Center is to create a new culture in our society, to reaffirm the fundamental objectivist values of reason, individualism, liberty and achievement.  The Center promotes those values stating clearly its sense and implications for contemporary affairs in each relevant cultural area: intellectual tendencies; arts, psychology and personal growth; ethics, cultural and social costumes; business matters and achievements; law and politics.

During the seminar, Orbaugh and Figueroa made a presentation of the Francisco Marroquín University, to which professors and students of the seminar attended.  They explained the UFM’s mission, which is to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; as well as the commitment of this house of studies with academic excellence.  They also showed aspects of the
New Media Digital Resources Center, the UFM’s
Arboretum, the Ludwig von Mises
Library, and the objectivist website
Libertate viam facere.

In the seminar also participated Eduardo Marty and María Marty, from Argentina.  The former has been a professor of Economics and the entrepreneurial program at the UFM; María Marty has wrote  movie scripts.  With Figueroa, they took an architectural trip, lead by Warren Orbaugh, at the
Walt Disney Concert Hall, in Los Angeles.

Architect Warren Orbaugh is professor of Architectural and Design Theory; Luis Figueroa is professor of Social philosophy and Forensic Rhetorics.  Both are members of the UFMs permanent philosophy seminar.

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