Personal encounter with Tony Meléndez, at the UFM

Tony Meléndez, at the UFM´s Liberty Plaza

Students, professors, administrative personnel and authorities of the Francisco Marroquín University sang and danced next to Tony Meléndez and his band, listening to their message and sharing with him, at the Liberty Plaza of this house of studies.

«When I had 5, or 7 years I told my dad: Papi, I want to play the guitar; and finally he putted the guitar on the floor, and I began to practice. But I never believed, nor he, that what I played was going to sound like music.  Practicing and practicing one hour after another, I learned to play the guitar; I love music because we can do so much with music «, this was how Tony Meléndez related how, been born without arms because of Talidomida, he changed his life by means of music.  It´s not strange then, that the message of his concerts was: I want. I can.

During the concert that he offered in the Liberty Plaza, at the UFM campus, Meléndez remembered the  Pope John Paul II  «he was so good and so great, he believed much in freedom».  In a letter directed to the UFM´s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., the singer expressed that «I believe that being free is something fundamental, not having freedom is against the human nature and humans would loose one of its most appraised rights». See the encounter,

Tony Meléndez, Alfredo Matheus and the band that accompanies him brought a message of joy and optimism to the UFM, based on freedom, responsibility and the conviction that if one wants, one can.

The UFM´s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. welcomed the singer and gave him a UFM cap that he wore later at the concert.  The goodbye speech was given by Mónica de Zelaya, from the school of Economic Sciences, whereas Luis Figueroa, from Public Relations, presented Meléndez, who is author of the record Cinco con el pie  and the book No me digás que no podés, works that the singer offered to the the UFM´s President, before initiating the concert.

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