Pioneer of total productivity at the UFM

David J. Sumanth while teaching class at the UFM

From Monday 5th until Friday 9th June of 2006, Doctor David J. Sumanth will lecture the seminar Total Productivity Management to students of third and fourth years of the Economic Sciences Schools of the Francisco Marroquín University.

During his visit to the UFM, Sumanth will also gather with the members of the Center for Social Economic Studies and members of the Non Traditional Products Exports Association.  

Sumanth has pioneered in productivity management, and published Productivity Engineering and Management, the first book on that subject, in 1984; this book has had four later editions.

He has 37 years of experience in industrial engineering.  He is founder of the University of Miami Productivity Research Group; from the series of international conferences on productivity and quality research, and the International Society for Productivity and Quality Research.

He received the Alexander Orr Teaching Excellence Award on 2000, at the College of Engineering at the University of Miami. 

His book Total Productivity Management, offers a refreshing approximation on the theme how to reach and sustain global competitiveness in the complex environment of the 21st Century.  More information is available at

During his stay at the UFM, Sumant was named Visitin Professor of this house of studies and visited the Social Economic Studies Center.


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