Premiere of »The Power of Choice», at the UFM

The Power of Choice is the story of the life and ideas of Milton Friedman

The Power of Choice, documentary on the life and work of Milton and Rose Friedman, that will be transmitted Monday 29 of January of 2007 in 

PBS publicly, was displayed to professors, students and friends of Universidad Francisco Marroquín last December 6t and 7th of 2006, in the Auditorium Milton Friedman of this house of studies.

The video shows the surprising life of Milton Friedman, winner of the Economics Nobel prize in 1976.  The same one only can be told if you integrate the stories of the impact that their ideas had in the United States of America and the world. No person, in the 20th Century, had as much impact in world-wide economic thought, like Milton Friedman.  He attributes his incredible story, to a great extent, to good luck, says the Web site of
the documentary.

The presentation of the video at the UFM was made by UFM President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., who thanked Bob Chitester – one of the executive producers of the documentary- for the possibility of seeing it in prime time.  Chitester visited Guatemala and the UFM during the Mont Pelerin General Meeting 2006, celebrated in this city last November. Ibárgüen also showed the words that
Milton Friedman said about the UFM, pronounced with occasion of the Mont Pelerin General Meeting 2002, in London; and the series 
Free to choose, in Spanish. 

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