Preparations in the map library for IMCoS reunion

Jens Bornholt, Erika Bornholt, Tish Brewer and Cara Johnston during the map searching process

Jens Bornholt, curator of the map collection of the Francisco Marroquín University, gathered in the Ludwig von Mises Library with Tish Brewer and Cara Johnston to see the results of the conservation work they did on the UFMs map library and to make the necessary preparations for the International Map Collectors Society that will be held in this house of studies en 2007.

Bornholt, Brewer and Johnston also searched for maps in the books of the José Cecilio del Valle collection, which includes the founding fathers personal library and a collection of Mesoamerican travelers.  Once found, Bornholdt proceeded to classify and register them for posterior uses.

They found extraordinary maps and illustrations, such as the ones included in works like Archives of British Honduras, by sir John Alder Burdon; in Notes on Central America, by E.G. Squier; History of the British West Indies, by Bryan Edwards Esquire; and Mitla, by G.F. von Tempsky.

Erika Bornholt, from Library Friends; Grete Pasch, Library Director and Luis Figueroa, Public Relations Director, also participated in the map search.

The International Map Collectors Society will celebrate its XXV International Symposium in Guatemala, from February 5 through 7 2007, and the Francisco Marroquín University will be hosting the event.  The website for such symposium, with information on the activities is available at available for those who are interested in the subject and map scholars.

The UFM has a
, whose mission is to motivate and facilitate the broaden use of the collections; to do so there are tools like online catalogues, discussion systems and multimedia presentations.  The map library pursues to develop active intellectual spaces for the creation of innovative academic projects like activities for children or itinerant exhibitions.

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