Psychoanalysts will discuss Por el lado oscuro

Oswaldo Salazar teaching at the UFM

The book Por el lado oscuro  (Through the dark side), with the participation of its author Oswaldo Salazar, will be discussed at the headquarters of the Psychoanalyst Studies Group of Guatemala, on Tuesday June 13th 2006. 

Por el lado oscuro  was published by the Francisco Marroquín University and the Economic Culture Fund in 2004 and was classified in the most popular Spanish titles by The New York Public Library.  It also won the Central American prize for novels Mario Monteforte Toledo 2003; and PhD. Salazar won an award from the program Recognition to the National Writers, from the Law School of the Francisco Marroquín University, for this book.

At the UFM’s Economic Sciences School, PhD. Salazar teaches literature; and at the Rafael Landívar University he was Dean of the Humanities School.

In an interview, Salazar explained «maybe I am following a philosophical influence, in the sense that the philosophy I am most interested now is the philosophy of language, which precisely denounces that and states that reality is not a thing that can be seen completely, but you can only see a part of it and its endless, I mean, we can get very close to a phenomenon but we will never see it completely.  This novel deals a little bit with getting close to a character, trying to bring alive the paradox that states that, the closer we look at something, the less sure of what it really is we are going to be».




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