Recognition to collaborators of map catalogue

The team that collaborated in the UFM’s map collection catalogue.

Jens P. Bornholt, author of Four Centuries of Geographic Expressions of the Central American Isthmus, the catalogue of the map exhibition that will take place at Universidad Francisco Marroquín with occasion of the symposium of the International Map Collectors´ Society that will be celebrated at Universidad Francisco Marroquín from February 5 to 7 of 2007, gave recognitions to those who collaborated making the project a reality.

At the Kaffee Künstler, last January 19th of 2007, Bornholt gave a copy of the catalogue to each one of the persons involved in the elaboration of the catalogue.

The exhibition comprises the Map Library of the University that has a collection of old maps that were donated to the Ludwig von Mises Library by Carlos Elmenhorst.  Now, this collection is properly catalogued and exhibited for the appreciation and the benefit of those who visit the library, it also has books and maps that belonged to the founding father José Cecilio del Valle.  It includes the magnificent Geographic Map of Meridional America, by Cano and Olmedilla, like the one Thomas Jefferson had.

The act was attended by UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.; the publisher, William Hempstead; UFM directors, correctors, designers, and other team members.

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