Roberto Salinas, public policy analyst, at the UFM

Roberto Salinas giving a lecture at the Francisco Marroquín University

In order to give this year´s inaugural lesson, at the Francisco Marroquín University, the public policies analyst, Roberto Salinas León, will visit this house of studies and he will participate in other actividades.

The subject of the lesson will be The liberal temperament: The limits of knowledge in a culture of liberty, and it will be celebrated on Wednesday 18, January 2006 at 8:00 a.m. at the Central Garden of the UFM campus.

Salinas is one of the world´s most powerful and effective communicators of the freedom philosophy.  During his stay at the UFM, he will participate in the presentation of the David Hume Ethics Center, of this house of studies and in the colloquy titled the money and the financial institutions organized by the Liberty Fund and this University.

He was director of public policies analysis in Aztec TV, Mexico; and he is an associate investigator at the Cato Institute, in Washington D.C.  He is an expert developing economic, political exchange and monetary, international trade and property rights in Latin America.  He coedited with James A. Dorn, the book
Money and Markets in the Americas: New for Challenges for Hemispheric Integration, about the dangers of the monetary instability.

He is an official representative of the Economist Conferences in Mexico and President of the
Mexico Business Forum. Also, he is a visiting Professor at the Independent Technological Institute of Mexico. Accounted with a degree in Political Economy, History and Philosophy, of the Hillsdale College, Michigan; and with a Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy and Political Theory, of the Purdue University, Indiana.

Salinas is a columnist in the Economist, his column is called De Capital Importancia. He has published more than 1.500 articles at national and international media, like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Dallas Morning News, Barrons, and others.

He has been a radio commentator and conductor of radio shows, in Radio Red and in Radio Formula. He is interviewed frequently in media like Cnn Headline News, Cnn of Latin America, NBC News, the BBC of England, and others.

He is a special advisor of the project of formalization of enterprise assets in zones of moderate poverty, that Hernando de Soto´s Instituto Libertad y Democracia, with the Public Policies Office of Presidency of the Republic.

He has testified before the House of Representatives of the USA Congress on free commerce and the exchange policy in Mexico. He has dictated more than 800 conferences and participated in forums on subjects of economic policy in several regions of the world, in more than twenty countries, four continents.

In 2003 doctor Roberto Salinas Leon visited the Francisco Marroquín University to give conferences on
the roll of media in the election process,
the market intervention,
Free Trade Agreement, its effects in Mexico and possible lessons for Central America.




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