Skepticism and Freedom, for sale at the UFM

Skepticism and Freedom was published by The University of Chicago Press

Skepticism and Freedom: a Modern Case for Clssical Liberalism, is Richard A. Epsteins work that is for sale at the bookstores in the Francisco Marroquín University campus.

Epstein needs to be taken seriously, not only due to the strength of his thoughts and his knowledge of consuetudinary law and political philosophy.  His thoughts are solid, his knowledge in specific areas is deep and, behind it lies his commitment with a more productive and efficient society, wrote Nathan Glazer in The New York Times Book Review.

The work is part of a trilogy that Epstein wrote on the similarities between law and political theory.  The others are:  Simple Rules for a Complex World  and Principles for a Free Society:  Reconciling Individual Rights with the Common Good.

For many, Epstein says, my points of view are extreme, but I write without apologizing because I dont think this accusation should be accepted.  My version of classical liberalism sees a wide space for volunteer markets operating under the legal protection «markets depend on governments and governments, of course, depend on markets.  The key is not to exclude one another in the mixture, but to assign each one its appropriate role».




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