»Stanley Malamed in tour at the UFM»

Michelle Luna, Andrés Pappa, Pablo Galindo, Stanley Malamed and Dulce Franco at the Ludwig von Mises Library

Doctor Stanley Malamed, who is at the Francisco Marroquín University participating at the Scientific Week celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Dentistry School of this house of studies, made a tour through the UFM’s campus last April 26th of 2006.

Joined by Michelle Luna and Andrés Pappa, dentistry students, Malamed visited the Academic Building, its Socratic Wing, the New Media Digital Resources Center, the Ludwig von Mises Library and the Popol Vuh Museum.

During the Scientific Week, Stanley Malamed, lectured on local anesthetics techniques and medical emergencies in the dental office.  The visitor is professor of  Anesthetics and Medicine at the Southern California School of Dentistry, and is author of the Handbook of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office; the Handbook of Local Anesthesia and Sedation a guide to patient management  and two interactive DVDs:  Emergency Medicine  and Malamed’s Local Anesthetic Techniques.

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