State Reform at Cadep´s colloquy

Partial view of the participants 

The Project of State Reformation by means of establishing general and abstract norms of right conduct in the Republic´s Constitution, promoted by the Association Proreforma, was discussed in a colloquy of the Public Decisions Analysis Center, at the Francisco Marroquín University.

«The persistence of great problems that affect our population is not only due to the characteristical governance ineptitude, neither to corruption, nor to simple mistakes, but to the same system»,
the Project of Proreforma  raises.

«Corruption is only one of the consequences of a populist, arbitrary, mercantilist system, full of perverse incentives that are politically operated at the populations expense.  All of this prevents the citizens from developing their creative potential to generate wealth», they explained.

The dilemma that the Project displays is simply that you, as a citizen, «choose between two political systems: the one that we have at the present time, evidently prescribed and expired, or the one that would derive from constitutional, general, abstract and applicable norms to governors and governed».

On the other hand,
Cadep´s  objective is to spread the ideas of the sub-discipline of the Public Choice Analysis between Guatemalan professionals, so that these ideas allow to contribute and support political solutions to create a society of free and responsible persons.

On behalf of Proreforma participated Manuel F. Ayau and Juan Carlos Simons; whereas Carol de Rodriguez, Cadep´s director was the host.

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