Students from Colegio Metropolitano, at the UFM

Students from Colegio Metropolitano

Danilo Román, Richard Clinton and other professors accompanied a group of senior students from Colegio Metropolitano in a visit to the Francisco Marroquín University.

They were received at the Liberty Plaza by Alicia Rabanales, who took them to the bust of bishop Francisco Marroquín, where they took a group photo.  Then they walked through the Academic Building garden towards the Friedrich A. Hayek auditorium, where Rossana de Grazioso, Admissions Director greeted them.

There, Grazioso showed them a UFM video and divided them according to their academic interests.  The students interested in Economic Sciences were invited to a Global Management class; the interested in Law, participated in a Introductory Law class; the ones interested in International Relations, participated in a class of Western Political History; the interested in Architecture, participated in a Design class; the ones interested in Medschool, visited de Anatomy lab; the interested in Nutrition, participated in a Physiopathology class, and the interested in Psychology, participated in a class of Abnormal Pshychology.  The visit concluded at the UFMs Agora in the Socratic Wing.

The visitors of Colegio Metropolitano received information on the UFM’s
admission process; its
mission, that is the teaching and diffusion of ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; and its commitment with
academic excellence, understood as the quality of ideas, principles and acts of those who, as professors or students, are habitually above the plain material and routine fulfillment of their duty, making before all a living example of coherent life.  Excellence, understood this way, in only possible under a freedom, competitive and respectful environment.

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