Students shared with entrepreneurs at the UFM

The students filled the UFM’s Juan Bautista Gutierrez Auditorium during the Entrepreneurship forum

Almost 600 senior students, from 10 important Guatemalan schools, shared experiences with successful Guatemalan entrepreneurs during the IV Entrepreneur Forum that was celebrated in Universidad Francisco Marroquín last March 5th of 2007.

During the forum, the participants know -from first hand- how it is that the entrepreneurial attitude (based on perseverance, creativity, risk taking, trust in oneself and teamwork) is fundamental to obtain the goals you set in your life.  The experiences of the guests, their personal history and their anecdotes illustrate the importance of being active in the fulfillment of your own dreams and constitute concrete examples of success.

The participants in the forum were Gloria Elena Polanco, whose business Frutesa, has been exporting exotic fruit and vegetables during off seasons since 1983.  Frutesa is integrated by a team of motivated persons that try hard to serve their clients with on time deliveries of high quality fresh products.

Also, Juan José Gutiérrez, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Campero S.A., Campero USA Corporation and Campero International Corporation.  The system operates 250 restaurants in 10 countries and has more than 8000 employees.  In June of 2005 Newsweek named him among the 10 CEOs that are revolutionizing the corporative business strategy in the world.

The third participant was the website developer Matías de Tezanos.  He is the creator of, business that he sold to the Japanese Livedoor Company Limited in a deal internationally qualified as a landmark deal.  De TEzanos was interviewed by the UFM’s President Giancarlo Ibárgüen  S. and the vice dean of the School of Business, Sergio Enríquez.

The youngsters participating in the forum had the chance to make questions to the lecturers and then learned the achievements of the UFM’s Students In Free Enterprise, exposition made by David Lee, Valeria Maza and César Alonzo, with the collaboration of Willie Sam.

The conclusion of the forum was made by Mónica de Zelaya who spoke to the participants of the importance of pursuing and fulfilling their dreams.  

The snack, during the event, was sponsored by Café Gitane, Pepsi and Pollo Campero.

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