Succesful floating lights contest at the von Mises Library

Some of the floating lights at the pond beneath the Ludwig von Mises Library.

The teams of Adolfo Lau and Rodolfo Niederheitmann, and the one from the students Carmen Zarceño and Jessica Teló, won the prizes during the floating lights contest that was celebrated in the pond beneath the Ludwig von Mises Library of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Adelaida Loukota, organizer of the event, informed that 35 lights were registered. Fifteen of them were presented by individual persons, nineteen by groups of pairs and one by a group of four members.  Fifty two contestants were from the School of Architecture, three from the Economic Sciences School, one from the Advanced Technologies Center and one from outside the University.

The judges were Geraldina Baca-Spross, president of Organization para las Artes Francisco Marroquín; Kazumasa Yamashita, Japanese architect who came to the UFM to participate in a symposium and to dictate conferences; Roberto Quevedo, dean of the Architecture School and Homero Samayoa, architect from Universidad Rafael Landívar.

The judges qualified the originality in the design and aesthetics, quality in the manufacture and the materials used and the performance in the sense that they shined and did not sink before a minute.  The public also had the opportunity to vote for their favorite light.

Adolfo Lau received the prize granted by the judges that consisted of a catalogue of the exhibition Four Centuries of Geographic Expressions of the Central American Isthmus, by Jens P. Bornholt, donated by the Library; and two pizza coupons, donated by San Martin.

Carmen Zarceño and Jessica Teló received the award from the public and a coupon for Q400 in books, donated by Fondo de Cultura Económico; and three pizza coupons, donated by San Martin.

When concluding the act, and by mistake, it was informed that the winner of the prize was another team,  error that was amended later.

The final results of the judges evaluation are available

Your comments on this activity and sugestions for future events can be addressed to
[ Dulce Franco], Coordinator of Patron Services at the Ludwig von Mises Library.

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