Success at APEE´s Convention

Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. UFM´s President

At the 2006 International Convention of the Association of Private Enterprise Education the Francisco Marroquín University achieved two goals.  First, UFM´s President, Giancarlo Ibargüen S. was elected as APEE´s vicepresident and, in 2009, the APEE´s Convention will be celebrated in Guatemala, informed Ramón Parellada, UFM´s treasurer.

Ibargüen, Parellada and professor Joseph Keckeissen, participated in the XXXI APEE´s Convention in which they explored themes related to private enterprise, and was titled Private Solutions for Market Failures:  Is Government Always the answer?

The days at the
APEE  meeting have been maximum motivators, said Parellada, who observed that you breathe a libertarian air and those of us who were there came back very positive and with a lot of energy to keep spreading the philosophy of liberty.

Guatemala will be the host of the 2009 APEE reunion, a project that Joseph Keckeissen has promoted during the last 10 years in which he has assiste to the Annual Conventions of the Association.

Manuel F. Ayau, participated lecturing a conference titled Infrequently Mentioned Implications of the General Theory of Trade; Antonio H.D. Yan with Adaptive Entrepreneurship and Taiwan´s Economic Dynamics. Giancarlo Ibargüen S., Roberto Blum and Juan Carlos Cachanosky participated in a forum titled The Costs of Prohibition. Fritz Thomas presented The Costs of Governance. Julio Cole also asisted to the Convention.




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