Success for SIFE-UFM project

SIFE-UFM team during the activity at San Juan Sacatepéquez
Fotos por: Luis Pedro Mirón A.

«I have excellent news for you… well, several good news…», said Lilian Ajcip, member of the SIFE-UFM team, when talking about the success that the furniture producers from San Juan Sacatepéquez had, to whom the team offered organizational and administrative attendance.

SIFE  is a global and nonlucrative organization dedicated to offer the student members the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and teamwork abilities by learning, practicing and teaching the free enterprise principles; the SIFE-UFM team, has harvested
  during its two years of existence and is coordinated by Helmuth Chávez, academic vicedean of the School of Businesses of the  Francisco Marroquín University.

«Do you remember the furniture producers of San Juan Sacatepéquez? Well, they are great! I don´t know  where to begin! I saw them on a T.V. show where they were invited.  And, when I heard the news I got very excited!  First of all, they are legalized and are called Asociaición de fabricantes de muebles sanjuaneros Utz Chee, which is good wood, in kachiquel», Ajcip explained.

«At the moment the Association has around 40 members (when we finalized the SIFE courses they were only 8). Guess who´s the president of the association? Well it´s Don José Luis Boj, that gentleman who seemed the most excited (who helped us a lot!). But the best thing of all is that they have managed to open more doors. He has contacts with the Non Traditional Products Exports Asociation and with the Embassy of Canada among others. They have traveled to Canada to promote their furniture. They traveled to Chiquimula, in Guatemala; and also to Guadalajara, in Mexico; they also approached people from Taiwan and Holland interested to acquire their furniture», Ajcip related.

«When I saw him on the television show, Don Jose Luis Boj mentioned us and was thankful, it was then when I felt we had done a good job and I felt happy for beeing part of the SIFE-UFM team that gave me so much joy and unforgettable experiences and we met so much people», told Lilian Ajcip to her team mates.

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