Success of Andrés Marroquín

Susan Anderson, Scott Beaulier and Andres Marroquín, in Botswana
Foto by Mercatus Center

Marroquín, one of the first graduates from the program Impulsto al Talento Académico (ITA), of the Francisco Marroquín University, has achieved great success in his professional career as an Economist at the George Mason University, where he is candidate for a Ph. D; and in Africa, where he has worked as part of the Mercatus Center.

Recently, one of the articles for his thesis was accepted for publication in a book of the Anthropologic Economic Society, and he received financial support to present one of his articles in Thunder Bay, Canada, during a northern southern dialogue.

Another of his articles was presented at a meeting of Aid to Artisans, a private voluntary organization in Connecticut.  The same presentation was presented in Bogotá.

Recently, Marroquín participated in the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for African Studies, where he published an article on Botswana, written with a colleague of the University of New Orleans.  During this summer he will teach a class at GMU.  He has been invited as visiting professor at the Ashesi University of Ghana to teach economic development and macroeconomics.

Andrés Marroquín graduated Summa Cum Laude  at the UFM’s Economic Sciences School in 2000; he is candidate for a doctoral degree at the George Mason University.  His thesis is titled The Use of Culture and the Arts to promote rural development: the cases of three Colombian communities, assed by Doctor Tyler Cowan.




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