Tamara Licht, Psychology student, cambe back from an interchange program in Chile

Tamara Licht

Tamara Licht, a second year´s Psychology student, returned from an interchange program at the University of  Development in Santiago, Chile.

Licht studied and lived in the South American city from August to December 2005; although she was her freshman year when she was there, her experience and formation allowed her to take courses from the second year.

«My experience in that university has been a unique event and it has given me new tools for my professional and personal growth. These programs offered at the UFM promotes the growth of the entrepreneurial future of Guatemala», she said.

«In those months I learned to make things that ordinarily I would never do, there is a lot to learn.  I had the opportunity to live with different people, under different rules; I learned to value the things that we have here, which we usually dont think they are relevant», she explained.

«Since I had enough psychological knowledge, and had good basics at the Marroquín, they gave me equivalences that allowed me, eventhough I was in first year of Psychology, to take courses from the second year.  They would not had done that it if they had not considered that I was able to do it», she concluded.

The UFM has interchange agreements and cooperation with different educative organizations in North America, South America and Europe.  Every year students from different faculties have similar opportunities to the one of Tamara Licht, or to the one of
, that recently was in Japan.

The following one is a list of the Universities and organizations with whom the UFM has agreements.

 All the Schools

Johannes Kepler Universität LinzUniversidad del Desarrollo 

School of Business

École Supérieure de Commerce de MontpellierBoston University 

 School of Nutrition

Universidad de Antioquía 

 School of Architecture

Texas A&M UniversityTulane UniversityUniversidad Anáhuac 

 School of Medicine

Tulane Medical CenterBaylor College of MedicineClevelandClinic FoundationFundación para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la TecnologíaHarvard School of MedicineKing’s College School of MedicineOchsner Clinic FoundationSouth Alabama College of Medicine 

 School of Economic Sciences

Instituto Centroamericano de Administración de EmpresasInstituto de EmpresaInstituto Superior de Comercio InternacinalInstituto Tecnológico de MonterreyPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileSouthern Methodist UniversityTarleton State UniversityUniversidad Adolfo IbáñezUniversidad Privada de Santa Cruz 

 School of Dentistry

Nova Southeastern UniversityUniversity of Alabama at BirminghanUniversity of Pennsylvania 







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