Technitians from Cato Institute, at the UFM

Andrew Mast, Kamil Kuza, Jorge Arteaga and Gabriela Calderón from Cato Institute, at the UFM.

Gabriela Calderón, Jorge Arteaga, Andrew Mast and Kamil Kuza, from the Cato Institute in Washington D.C., visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín to know how the New Media Digital Resources Center works in this house of studies.

Cato Institute looks forward to extend the parameters in the discussion of public policies to promote around the world alternatives that are consistent with the principles of individual freedom, limited government, free trade and peace. With that objective in mind, Cato Institute makes an effort to involve the interested citizens in public debates on the role of government in a free society.

In order to fulfill its objectives, Cato Institute incorporates end of the line technology to its on-line resources and for that reason their technicians visit the UFM. In this house of studies, the team of the
New Media Digital Resources Center is dedicated to support the university professors, investigators and students of the UFM in the use, creation and administration of digital resources that complement and document their academic work.  They do this through the adaptation of technologies that allow the digitalization of documents, images, audio and video; the use of Internet resources as interaction means; and the adaptation of complete courses or modules of such, that can be offered on line.

The Center also facilitates the creation and use of an archive of educative materials for the UFM, including courses, works and high quality projects prepared by students of the University and presentations offered by invited lecturers and professors.

Besides focusing on the technical knowledge of the operations at New Media in the UFM, the visitors made other activities.

Gabriela Calderón, publisher of, met with a group of Guatemalan journalists in charge of the sections of Economy and Businesses of main newspapers of the country.  The attendees to that meeting were Maricela Herrera and Eduardo Smith, from Prensa Libre; Francisco Ancheyta, from Siglo Veintiuno; and Vernic Gudiel, from El Periódico.  The main purpose of the meeting was to make available to the news reporters the resources available in that Web site.

The visitors attended the presentation of the book Four Centuries of Geographic Expressions of the Central American Isthmus that was celebrated in the context of the
Symposium of the International Map Collector´s Society that is made in the UFM.

During their visit they also had the opportunity to visit the Academic Building of the UFM and its Socratic Wing, the Ludwig von Mises Library and its special collections room, and the Center of Advanced Technologies of this university. They also participated in an activity of the students of the School of Law, the celebration of the student Association elections of that academic unit.

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