Technology and social changes, at the Business School

Alejandro Gómez adressing the seminary students

Technology and social changes were the subjects discussed by Alejandro Gómez, professor of the Business School of the Francisco Marroquín University, during the seminary celebrated on February 15th of 2006.

Gómez raised subjects like the transportation revolution, changes in the way we communicate, Internet and the education, new forms of government and the technological illustration.

The same subject was boarded by Gómez during an interview that did Jackelinne Castillo from the newpaper supplement Pulso  that Siglo Veintiuno publishes. The same one was published on Tuesday, February 14th of 2006.  In it, Gómez explained that «there is a myth relating greater technology with greater unemployment, but it is all the contrary. The countries with low unemployment indexes are those where more technology exists; and that occurs because there is more production. This generates capital surplus that allows new investments in another type of activities and, therefore, are more labor sources».

Alejandro Gómez has a Masters of Arts in Latin American Studies, University of Chicago; MBA, Superior School of Economy and Administration of Companies, Argentina; and Graduated in History, University of Belgrado.  His doctoral thesis was on José Cecilio del Valle, Centralamericas founding father.  He also teaches, in the UFM´s School of Business, the seminary The technological revolution and the social changes.

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